Who we are

We are a company with an international orientation and identity coupled with a passion for the luxury hospitality industry. Our objective is to raise the overall quality of the craft and restore industry pride. We do this by giving hotels access to high-quality services. 


In order to attract the best talent, your reputation in the industry is key. Thus, we only work with hotels who has a set of core values, a long-term vision, and who puts an emphasis on developing its people.

Our role models are industry leaders such as the American luxury chain, The Ritz-Carlton, Britannia (LHW) in Trondheim, and OPUS XVI (SLH) in Bergen, to mention a few.

Hotel+´ values guides our decisions and how we do business.

Quality and professionalism

We are determined to be anything but average. To make a stance, we strive to deliver quality and an elevated level of hospitality. To us this means technical know-how and execution, punctuality, and impeccable attire & appearance.

Personification and guest care

We believe that personalized, genuine service at its highest level can only occur from a place of genuine care. We put our heart into our work and goes above and beyond to make things right.  

Global mindset

We argue that many Norwegian hotels needs a large-scale international boost. This applies particularly to an openness to international talent, service level, attire & appearance standards, the correct use of language, and international etiquette. Hotel+ seeks to be a visible counterpart and a driving force for this development. 

Integrity and honesty

Stellar integrity and honesty are at the core of our identity. Our work is shaped by this perception.

"We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen."

Founder Håkon Ringstad grew up in the industry. He has experience primarily from the high-end segment, and international experience through studies and work. Formal educational background includes:

-M.A. in International Affairs, Florida State University, USA

-BSc (Honours) in International Hospitality Management, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai, UAE

-Trade Certificate in Professional Waiting from Hotel Continental, Oslo

-Bartender Certificate from H. Butler´s Bartender School, Oslo

Select experience includes: 

-The Royal Court, Oslo

-Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

-Fleischer´s Hotel, Voss

-Hotel Continental, Oslo

-Hotel Bristol, Oslo

-The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL

Håkon describes himself as value driven and quality and service oriented. Attire and appearance are highly emphasized in his company and among his consultants. Trust, professionalism, passion, and industry craftsmanship is the cluster of traits he strives to deliver, and the experience he ultimately wishes his clients and guests to have when working with him.


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Saturday 10.00-16.00

Sunday closed.